I'm excited about the opportunity to work with Clevertech. I'm always looking for new challenges and learning opportunities, and I think Clevertech is the right choice for my career because it will provide me the chance to push forward and become a better developer, especially when it comes to Node.js and MongoDB.

Node.js and MongoDB are the two technologies that I enjoy working with the most. I have been working with Node.js since 2015. I first used it to build my graduation project, which was a real-time anti-theft application. Since then, I decided to form my career around JS because I just loved it. Afterward, I used Node.js in many different projects and scenarios. I'm proficient in the JS ecosystem in general. I can't say that I know all about JavaScript (who does!?), but I'm advanced enough to transform complex requirements into beautiful, maintainable, and scalable code.I'm eager to join Clevertech, and I'm ready to go far to be be part of the create company.

Finally, I wrote a little piece on how it's like to work with me, read it here.

Find my resume here