During the course of his employment, Mohamed proved  himself to  be a dependable employee and a hard worker with solid  problem solving  and technical skills. I was always impressed by  Mohamed’s ability to  handle and finish whatsoever complex projects I  throw at and has never  missed a deadline.

Mohamed takes his work  very seriously and regularly enrolled in  classes to stay abreast of the  newest developments in programming.  Although Mohamed is a  fast-learner, he is very careful and cautious  about his work. That  means he works very hard to achieve the exact  results that the customer  is looking for. He has worked many late hours  in my development area  just to make certain that a delivered project is  exactly what the  customer wanted. His quick thinking and cautious  personality has helped  the company avoid some costly and embarrassing  mistakes. I want to say  he would be an asset to have on any team.

Overall, Mohamed is  dedicated, talented, responsible and hard-working  employee. I strongly  recommend and wish him an opportunity for career  growth and prosperity  because he’s simply that good. And with the right  guidance and  training, I have no doubt Mohamed could excel in an  upper-level  development position.