Welcome, I'm Mohammed.

I am a remote full-stack developer who loves to turn great ideas into elegant products. I'm specialized in Backend Development and in Love with Agile.

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# Services

I've worked remotely with several companies for +4 years, had great feedback and testimonials, and also had fun building products. Check out my story for more info

Here's a summarized list of what I can provide:

# Testimonials

I'm honored to work with those great people, and also proud to deliver the products they asked for.

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# Looking for details?

As a Full Stack developer, PHP was the language I chose to start with as a backend programming language, supported with a big passion, and very good experience in Laravel. On the other hand, I am very much into frontend technologies, mostly React.js, TypeScript and for sure the beautiful feature of CSS grid.

I’ve been in the field of Web Development for more than 5 years. In 2012 ,I started coding websites using HTML and CSS, but I am used to never let my skills go old, so I kept working on’em until I became a professional frontend developer in 2013 with good experience in Angular 1 and jQuery.

In 2013 I decided to go deeper in the world of Web development, so I started working on my WordPress skills and became a WordPress expert who knows when and how to push it to the limits and when not to use it at all. I have Once scaled a WordPress site with Elastic Search, Redis, multiple replicas of MySQL server and Multiple instances of PHP servers.

In 2015 I got a new job and started to gain experience in Enterprise-level programming. I was the team-leader of the team that was responsible to build cloud ERP with Yii 2.0, at that time my goal was to design a quality code that was supposed to solve complex problems, but with concentrating on performance

In late 2015, I designed a real-time tracking system (as my graduation project) with Node.js on the server side, in addition to Native Java with Android APIs to build a native android application. I also used Objective-C to build a native iOS application and accordingly I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

As I said before I never let my skills go old, since my graduation I kept pushing my skills forward and continued learning, I gained some new skills like Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design and Setting up and maintaining fully automated and unified development environments using multiple platforms like Docker as an example.

’m currently doing my Master’s degree in Web Science, in which I use C# and Golang to do my Master’s related projects and to achieve the goal of my research which is about Using Machine Learning algorithms in the context of Web Engineering

My Current Stack

If you're confused by the word "current", please keep in mind that technologies evolve and i always keep pushing forward.

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