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Software Architecture: What, Why & How

Software Architecture: What, Why & How


It's a known fact that anyone can build a product that can last a week, a month or even a year, but if you want to build a product that can last years, or if it's gonna be the basis of other people work or contribution over a long period of time then you need to have software architecture in mind.

Testing Laravel form request classes

Testing Laravel form request classes

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I always deal with controllers as a glue for my applications and never done any logic inside them, including Validation & Authorization logic. Laravel FormRequest classes have helped me a lot with keeping my controllers as a glue, but I always found them very hard to be tested. By surfing the web I found two ways to test them and also worked to create my own way

Programmer’s recipe to get side projects done

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Programmers, for different reasons, always work on side projects. some of us want to learn something new and provide a proof of concept that he/she knows a technology or a tool, others work on ideas that help people or help people and get some money, but It’s known for a fact that few of us finish their side projects, and for a while I had these problems too, a lot of ideas in my head that made me juggle between different projects. finally, I created this five steps recipe that made me finish and release my first side project

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