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Why to hire me:I'm a full-stack developer who knows his way very well in the frontend, and in the backend thanks to all the great women and men who created video courses, wrote books and the people who are always creating.I love to learn new concepts, techniques and technologies. and therefore, I read a lot and I spend my Sundays learning new stuff.Challenges keep me pushing forward. Challenges make happy.I care
Software Architecture:  What, Why & How

Software Architecture: What, Why & How

It's a known fact that anyone can build a product that can last a week, a month or even a year, but if you want to build a product that can last years, or if it's gonna be the basis of other people work or contribution over a long period of time then you need to have software architecture in mind.
Testing Laravel FormRequest classes

Testing Laravel FormRequest classes

I always deal with controllers as a glue for my applications and never done any logic inside them, including Validation & Authorization logic. Laravel FormRequest classes have helped me a lot with keeping my controllers as a glue, but I always found them very hard to be tested. By surfing the web I found two ways to test them and also worked to create my own way, so in this blog post, I'm gonna demonstrate

Programmer’s recipe to get side projects done

Programmers, for different reasons, always work on side projects. some  of us want to learn something new and provide a proof of concept that  he/she knows a technology or a tool, others work on ideas that help  people or help people and get some money, but It’s known for a fact that  few of us finish their side projects, and for a while I had these  problems too, a lot of ideas in

Hello World, again.

Hi !First of all I would like to thank you again for visiting my official website.I'll give you an overview about what happened lately:I’ve been busy last couple years in working in high sensitive positions in some companies -as a team leader- by helping them in their needs dedicatedly, ignoring my passion.After a year of being away from my own work, I thought about re-launching my website and portfolio. Therefor and