Mohammed Manssour

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Why to hire me:

  • I'm a full-stack developer who knows his way very well in the frontend, and in the backend. Thanks to all the great women and men who created video courses, wrote books and the people who are always creating.
  • I love to learn new concepts, techniques and technologies. and therefore, I read a lot and I spend my Sundays learning new stuff.
  • Challenges keep me pushing forward. Challenges make happy.
  • I care about building user-friendly softwares.

Things I'm proud of:

Building Scalable, reliable, maintainable and user-friendly software is always my first goal for every new project. My Opportunity is one of the project that I've helped to shape and made it better it terms of user-experience and performance.

I also helped multiple Themeforest elite authors to optimize their WordPress products and improved it in terms of performance.

Finally, I helped many clients with building their products and/or shipping new feature to already built products.

Things I like:

I like organized people who tell short stories with a start, middle and end that makes it clear what is that we need to do and why.

I like people who care about people. My work is to optimize for the best value of our business, but I empathize with people and I like to make sure everyone I work with, and everyone my work affects, is having a good experience.

I like pragmatism, Nothing is perfect, nothing is meant to last forever, nothing is beyond questioning.

I like people who nicely give me direct feedback about something I did or said in a wrong way, or give me advice than can help me become a better version of myself.

Things I don’t like:

I don’t like rudeness to me or others, unfairness, being very self-focused, no telling me that I’m wrong just to keep me happy.

I don’t like fake compliments or emotions. I lose trust in people whom I can’t be sure what do really mean by what they say.

I don’t like pushy people, I’m open to logical persuasion, but hate influence using pressure or authority; these aren’t things I appreciate.

Things you can expect from me:

  • I’ll be honest with you as long as you’re open to my honesty.
  • I will listen to you without interruption, and let you know what I think and will let you know If I’m not the right person to give you an answer about that topic.
  • I will treat you fairly, as fairness is the value I highly appreciate.

Preferred means of collaboration:

I like to have face to face meeting to know and understand who I’m talking to and to have a chance to ask clarifying questions.

If you just have a quick request or question, please send a message on work chat or an email. There’s no need for meeting for such quick requests or questions.

If you send me a long email, I might get too busy to reply unless if it’s urgent.

I don’t like big meetings with a lot of people without know what I’m contributing to this meeting or what I’m getting out of it.

Area where you can give me feedback:

Always give me feedback about anything. How I treated you, how I treated someone else, how I did this task/project, how I can be better.

I highly value people who give me feedback, especially when I don’t expect it or ask for it.

Give me feedback even if we have never met before!